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Program Approach

Program Approach

“The workshops changed my life by opening my eyes to new possibilities.” - Program beneficiary

Youth for the Future seeks to create an enabling environment with a greater capacity to serve Jordan’s youth at risk. Toward that end, it pursues a two-pronged approach. At the local level, Y4F builds the capacities and ownership of local communities to deliver and sustain quality programs and services for youth. At the national level, it works to empower Jordanian government, business, and civil society to nurture, sustain, and scale locally-proven best practice youth development models.  

Y4F services for youth are delivered through two core program models:

Ensuring Successful Transitions to Work
The majority of young people served through Y4F have dropped out of school; many have lost hope in their ability to achieve a positive future. To help these youth successfully transition into the world of work – and engage them in the development of their communities – Y4F offers comprehensive support, including skills training, mentoring, career guidance, internships, and job placement assistance.  

All youth who enroll in Y4F benefit from essential life skills training delivered through Passport to Success (PTS), IYF’s globally-certified life skills curriculum. To date, PTS has benefitted more than 63,000 young people in 22 countries. Following extensive consultation with youth development and labor market experts in Jordan, PTS was adapted to meet the skills needs of the nation’s marginalized youth – and employers. The highly-interactive training enhances young people’s self-confidence while building their goal setting, decision-making, problem-solving, communication, and other core life skills. Additional modules focus on adolescent health, gender equality, and service learning.  

To date, Y4F has trained over 200 professionals to deliver PTS to youth within its target communities – and nationally as the program scales up its approach. In addition, nearly 500 youth workers have received training in a range of technical and program areas that support the effective organization and delivery of youth services.  

Building Sustainable Community Youth Hubs
Youth from disadvantaged backgrounds are often unsure of where to go to access support in developing their skills and pursuing livelihood opportunities. To help young people take full advantage of existing resources – and ensure those resources are of the highest quality – Y4F works with public sector and civil society partners to create “youth hubs” within target communities.

Through this coordinated support network, young people are referred by a CBO case worker to a range of youth services (e.g., recreational, educational, skills training, and volunteerism opportunities) depending on their individual needs.  Among the community partners working to build and strengthen these youth hubs are local CBOs, parents, youth centers, chambers of commerce, municipal governments, local ministry offices, and vocational training centers. 

Through this comprehensive, community-driven approach, Y4F seeks to build a sustainable support structure for current – and future – generations of youth with much to offer Jordanian society if given the opportunity to develop their skills and potential.